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 I really love needlecream's edit of yagami's ball dress but it was a little too short for my sims so I added leggings to it. 
If anyone interested : 

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Edit: If there's something wrong with it please comment!

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 Pisces, Capricorn, Gemini & Cancer are ready to move into your houses! They are clean, potty trained, dewormed, vaccinated and not penalized! Do whatever you like to them but don't claim as yours! They belong to Ithorian only! 

If you dare to look under the cut take in consideration fact that it contains a lot of pic. spam of my lovely Pisces whom I love and if I havn't mentioned before I love my Pisces and he is cute and I love to take photos of him and I love Pisces btw XD 

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 I luv this challenge and always wanted to take part in it.. THIS TIME I DID! xDD
If any one interested in my "cute" spawn :

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 Recently I started Nepheris Build a City Challenge and fall in love <3 It's awesum :3 I didn't abandon Lovecrafts in fact their life moved on A LOT but I havn't got time to post it, this'll happen soon :3
Grab some previews of BaCC
drama xD
oh the drama... xD

and Lovecraft Legacy & some dresses I edited
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Warning: Robots, death, spam and probably language
Last time: Roaches children mess and still no heir
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 Some sims I made for the GoS Sim Challenge

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 Wen we left Lovecrafts it ws like OMFG!!BABIEZ!! There were some very not funny jokes and big noses.
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Apr. 28th, 2011 11:55 am
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 I'm posting few drawing of mine. I hope You can recognize those three ;) 

doodles ):)